AEW fans were surprised to see RVD show up on Dynamite as Jack Perry’s opponent. That was a nice dose of extreme before All In London, but AEW hasn’t seen RVD since then. Although it was one appearance so far, RVD still had the usual critics weigh in.

RVD addressed how Jim Cornette said he thought that Jerry Lynn “gave away too much” about RVD’s debut for the company during his promo, and it ruined the surprise.

Then the WWE Hall of Famer went on to say that Jim Cornette said that he was “stiff” when he walked out. That is thanks to RVD keeping his eyes on his opponent. The Whole F’n Show then said that if Cornette was “worked by that, then” he can “eat a dick.”

“You know what, Jim Cornette, you can eat a dick. If he feels different, then whatever, it’s good. And, with everybody, you still have a chance to come back. Alight, this isn’t asking Jesus asking for forgiveness.”


Despite his confidence, haters can always do their thing in a terrible way. RVD said that he hasn’t been on X because of the “toxicity of the trolls.”

Rob Van Dam also said that “[trolls] can bring you down,” with their online bullying, because if you tell anyone they’re ugly enough times, they’ll start to believe it. In the end, it doesn’t matter to RVD, because “if you didn’t think my RVD tank top was flattering, eat a dick, I don’t give a f*ck. Like I’ve ever cared that my abs don’t show, and I’ve got a really thick, hard, gut, you know? I’ve always had that,” but fans say, “he’s chubby.”

RVD was able to laugh it off, and he said that haters can “eat a dick” if they don’t like it. In the end, he’s going to keep doing his thing, because anyone should envy a life like his.

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Felix Upton

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