Bray Wyatt is gone, but he will never be forgotten. During his career in the ring, he was sometimes compared to The Undertaker, which is a great honor. Wyatt and the Deadman had quite a moment during RAW 30, and it also left a lasting impression on Bray that was incredibly special as well.

Bray Wyatt and LA Knight wrestled at the Alamodome in a Pitch Black match at the 2023 Royal Rumble event. After the show, they did a press conference, and Wyatt was very candid with his responses. During that time, Bray Wyatt was asked what he thinks about this new era of pro wrestling, and he took that opportunity to speak on how he takes risks in his own career.

Bray Wyatt was also asked about Alexa Bliss during that press conference. That is when he said that they will always be connected in some way. Sadly, fans never got to see that play out on television.

Bray Wyatt was also asked about the meeting with The Undertaker in the ring during RAW 30. That was a special time, as The Deadman whispered something in Wyatt’s ear. It was also a very special and powerful moment for him and his career.


“I’m not even worried about my career. It was so important that everyone knows it was important, you know? It’s the only kind of thing that I get to have. Something for me, something for my children to see down the line. It’s like a gratification, you know? All your hard work. All those years of getting compared to [The Undertaker] without even asking for it, you know?”

“Everyone in the world will understand that I’m never going to be him, I’ve never tried to be him, why would anyone want to be him? He’s the only Undertaker. It’s not only that moment, that’s a beautiful moment, but him being him, helping me, guiding me along the way. That’s always been him. That was just the first public moment. It’s a powerful moment, man. However it lives on in wrestling history, I don’t care, because it was for me. Yeah man, it was powerful.”

Bray Wyatt will be remembered for many things. He once spoke about how he wants people to remember him after he dies, and you can check that out here. He was certainly a prolific entertainer.

WWE will certainly give Bray Wyatt an amazing tribute on SmackDown this week. Only time will tell what else they do to make sure fans never forget about the Eater of Worlds. Sadly, he was taken from us far too soon.

Bray Wyatt deserves all the tributes and honors that he can receive, and they should never stop. We will keep doing our part right here at Ringside News. Please keep checking back as we continue honoring the legacy of a great man that we lost this week.

What part of Bray Wyatt’s career impacted you most? Sound off in the comments to let us know about your favorite Wyatt memory!

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