Bray Wyatt is gone, but he will never be forgotten. He entertained WWE fans for years, and they were along for every part of the ride. His many characters were creative and unique to him, and he also found great pride in that.

Bray Wyatt passed away after suffering a heart attack. There was some thought that he was making progress toward an in-ring return, and then the unthinkable happened. His last televised match was at the Royal Rumble against LA Knight, because he disappeared during the road to WrestleMania, where he was set to face Bobby Lashley.

Bray Wyatt and LA Knight threw down at the Alamodome in a Pitch Black match at the 2023 Royal Rumble event. After the show, they did a press conference, and Wyatt was very candid with his responses. During that time, Bray Wyatt was asked what he thinks about this new era of pro wrestling, and he took that opportunity to speak on how he takes risks in his own career.

“I think there’s some people that like new concepts and people who take risks and things, and there are some people who don’t. It’s a sport to some, and a show to others. I think the beautiful thing about this industry is that there’s something for everyone. I’ve always kinda prided myself on the fact that I’ve always taken risks. Because in my mind, if you’re not doing that, then what are you even doing here? You know, it’s a valid meaning legacy for me. I’ll pretty must do anything if nobody’s done it before, and it’s fun for me.”


Bray Wyatt’s Eater of Worlds character had the whole world in his hands, and his mystique never faded. Wyatt’s Fiend character struck fear in the hearts of many opponents, and he also made a lot of fans along the way on top of that. Not to mention the booming merchandise sales that came with the entire Firefly Fun House saga. Sadly, we will never see what was set to come down the line, because there were some big plans.

As Ringside News exclusively reported, there were actually plans for WWE to bring in a new Wyatt Family faction, headed by Bray. A tenured source in the creative team confirmed to us that, “They were for Bray and Bo Dallas (as Uncle Howdy). Eric Young was under consideration. There were also pitches for Alexa Bliss to join before her maternity leave, which were nixed when it was obvious she wouldn’t be around for all of 2023.”

We will keep the Bray Wyatt tributes coming, because they should never stop, right here at Ringside News. Please keep checking back as we continue honoring the legacy of a great man that we lost this week.

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