AEW produced Texas Chainsaw Massacre match during Dynamite last week. That match included a ton of gimmicks, and it certainly brought a lot of attention to the company. Sadly, not all of that attention has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jim Cornette expressed his discontent with AEW’s recent cross-promotional match with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Dynamite. He asserted it to be one of the most cringe-inducing spectacles he’s ever witnessed.

This match went down during the Fight for the Fallen edition of AEW Dynamite on August 16th, featuring WWE legend Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy squaring off. There was fake blood, and Leatherface was even played by an AEW star in the process.

Jim Cornette, however, made it abundantly clear that he was far from pleased with the proceedings on AEW Dynamite. He reserved his disappointment and embarrassment for Jeff Jarrett, whom he believed had been pushed to agree to this type of contest out of desperation. On an episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, he shared his candid thoughts.


“So this is one of the fakest most embarrassing things that’s ever been on any wrestling programme television. I’m embarrassed that Jeff Jarrett was involved, that he apparently needs this badly now yet, Jeff, Goddamn. He started promotions.”

“He’s f*cking been in the business since 1986, 37 years. But he needs a job badly enough to willingly be involved in this and there was one legitimate talent in this entire fiasco, Jay Lethal. And think of the things he could be doing and the matches he could be having in his company. And he’s as hidden as Sonjay Dutt in just one of the merry band of pranksters. I can believe everybody else in this thought that this was a great thing to do except for Jeff Jarrett and I know Jay Lethal knows that it’s garbage. But he has no other choice.” 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre match might have been received different ways by fans, but Jim Cornette is not being shy about expressing how he feels about things. At this time, there is absolutely no plan for AEW to hold another match, but they did make six figures for that match, and it went to a good cause.

Jim Cornette hasn’t been a fan of a lot of Tony Khan’s booking in the past, but it seems that this match took the cake. Only time will tell what AEW produces next to make Jim Cornette cringe, but the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match certainly seemed to do the trick.

What’s your take on Jim Cornette’s comments about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre match in AEW? Sound off on the comments to let us know what you think!

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