AEW is about to expect $100 from their fans within the next 30 days if they want to stay up-to-date on their stories. All In London is going down on August 27th, and AEW All Out will take place in Chicago on Sunday, September 3rd. Both of those shows will be $49.99 pay-per-view view events, and Tony Khan hasn’t even booked a single thing or All Out yet, and All In London only has a main event so far.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, having two pay-per-view events in such close proximity has only been done once before in history, by WWF back in late 1991. During that time, the second show was offered at a lower price and managed to attract about half of the viewership compared to the first show, which was priced at the regular rate.

Vince McMahon had considered it an experiment, and the concept was to create controversy with the finish of the first show, setting the stage for an immediate rematch and an intense feud between Hulk Hogan and Undertaker. This approach allowed for an intriguing narrative and a continuation of the storyline to engage the audience further.

In the end, WWE’s experiment received a response that that they never did this again. Now, Tony Khan is trying it again in 2023.


At the time he had told us that the idea of shooting a hot angle needing a quick rematch was a PPV experiment. He had Hogan lose the title to Undertaker at Survivor Series with a controversial finish, leading to a rematch a week later. The results of the experiment were such that McMahon decided it didn’t work and never did it again. Other than Impact doing weekly PPV shows, which didn’t work, nobody has ever tried this in pro wrestling or MMA and I have to think this was not the original plan. What the original plan was and why it didn’t happen is the big question, but obviously it involves WBD in some fashion.

Tony Khan might be asking a lot from his fans, especially during a time when times are tough for a lot of people. He’s lucky to get the pay-per-view buys he brings in for those quarterly events, but either All In or All Out could likely suffer.

Only time will tell if Tony Khan announces a reduced-priced package deal, because you have to think that is possible with BR Live’s platform, aka a two-episode season pass option. Otherwise, Tony Khan, the billionaire, will just add another $50 pay-per-view to his company’s schedule while hoping for the best.

Keep checking back with us here at Ringside News for more on this story, and many more. AEW has a lot of matches to book for both of those events, and we will bring you the news as it breaks. As always, please use those comments below to let us know what you’re thinking, because we value your opinion!

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