LA Knight has gone through a lot in the pro wrestling business already, but he hasn’t received the love from WWE’s booking that a lot of fans would like to see. At this point, they might be growing impatient, but LA Knight knows where he stands.

While speaking to Good Karma Wrestling, LA Knight took on those comparisons with The Rock and Stone Cold. He won’t let that change how he does things, because in the end it’s all about rising to the top. In fact, he will take the comparisons.

LA Knight was also asked about the idea of wanting to carry a title in WWE. After all, some have said that LA Knight is so popular that he doesn’t need to carry a championship. He said that he would like that “vote of confidence” that a title belt brings with it, but he’s already on top of the company as it is.

“I think if you’re in this and you don’t want to be a champion then what are you doing here? For me, that’s the vote of confidence that this is the guy. Aside from that, it’s an achievement of ‘hey man, I made this whole thing work to where I am now. The face, I am the top of this company,’ I am the guy. For me, that’s the pinnacle, that’s where you want to be.”


LA Knight is in WWE during a portion of the company’s history where they have a loaded roster, and many talented names are all vying for that top spot. LA Knight went on to discuss how sometimes plans need to change, but he is excited about any opportunity he is given.

“The roster is so stacked and full and you want the premium live events to stand out as something different then what you see on TV, so you don’t want the exact same formula. So those spots on the premium live events are limited. At some point, look I’m getting the big reactions, you can’t deny that but at the same time some people would say ‘he’s only been here 9 or 10 months or whatever.'”

“Some of that is also is just figuring out that a lot of this was unexpected, a lot of this came out of the blue. Sometimes plans have to change and that’s the way it goes. Here we are, now you’re looking at me being an integral part of SummerSlam coming in. We’ve got the Slim Jim Battle Royale, its 20 guys in that ring. I don’t know who anybody else is in that match except me and Sheamus at this point. So, all bets are off when it comes to that. Ford Field, battle royale, you’re looking for big things and there just might be this guys hand raised here. Yeah.” Would you rather a championship or just being over.”

As Ringside News exclusive reported, WWE is making a ton of money off their Slim Jim battle royal match. That being said, the company will give a bit of attention to the contest, one which LA Knight is a featured name attached to the match. Only time will tell what that match leads to, or who wins, but LA Knight will give it his all.

WWE already passed on LA Knight for a couple important spots, namely the Money in the Bank match and United States Championship tournament. At least LA Knight has a spot on the SummerSlam card, as part of a battle royal match, but that is not the end of his story in WWE by a long shot.

What’s your take on LA Knight’s quest for gold in WWE? Will it pay off? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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