You never know what can pop off on Twitter, and Jim Cornette rarely disappoints. The pro wrestling legend fired off a brutal tweet in AEW’s direction, and Matt Hardy was the one who stepped up this time.

Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette had quite throwdown on Twitter. This was all over The Elite, and things were not pretty.

In the midst of the argument, Jim Cornette fired back at Matt Hardy. This generated quite a response.

Jeez, Matt, I could understand selling your soul for Rock & Roll, but selling it for Adderall? Even if you have to abandon your principles and verbally fellate these childish cretins for your check, leave my fans alone, it’s not their fault Tony’s not paying THEM enough to lie.


Ryback couldn’t keep himself out of this situation. The Big Guy tweeted out to join the conversation, as he took a shot at Jim Cornette in the process. He later deleted that reply as well.

Pro wrestling fans and wrestlers have to unite in trying to help the business thrive and improve while continuing to improve the work environment overall. Matt is a positive part of the business helping first hand in many ways and has had a s impressive of a run as anyone. The guys trying to rip him are the opposite and create hate and negativity from their homes. They don’t actually care to improve anything and have no respect for anyone in general.

Jim Cornette and Ryback don’t see eye-to-eye, and that’s not a new thing. It seems that they won’t be coming to any kind of terms any time soon.

In the meantime, fans are chiming in left and right, as they weigh in on Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette’s recent online brawl. Twitter can certainly be an interesting app, especially with people like Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette on the platform.

Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette had quite an interaction on social media, and Brian Last didn’t really help ease tensions. Chime in by using the comments below.

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