Ryback has a lot of fans who really care about him, but he has a pretty serious stalker situation. A crazed, misguided, fan named Chase took things to another level, and he continues tormenting Ryback as much as he can.

During a recent live stream, Ryback tried to connect with fans, but then Chase called in. Ryback’s stalker then went on a tear, where he threatened Dolph Ziggler’s life, as well as Curtis Axel. Ryback’s mother was also a target of the threats.

“As long as I take you with me, and your f*cking mom, that’s all I care about. Then I’ll be praised by Vince McMahon. I’ll get that call from the all mighty Vince McMahon saying, ‘fantastic job.’ I swear to God, if I got that call for two minutes from him, it would be worth it.”

Ryback didn’t seem too shaken up about this stalker situation. After all, he’s done everything he can to ensure that the authorities know all about what is going on.


Ryback has a stalker situation that isn’t going away. Although the FBI promised Ryback that they will be able to track down his stalker, this is still an issue. The authorities just need Twitter to release Chase’s records so they can track him down.

We will continue monitoring this ongoing issue here at Ringside News. Obviously, there could be a lot more to unpack, because Ryback’s stalker situation seems to get worse every time he goes on live stream.

Ryback doesn’t seem too worried about this Chase situation, would you be worried if you were him? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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