Ryback has dealt with a stalker situation for years that hasn’t gone away at all. It appears that he’s not done talking about it, either. Now, the former WWE IC Champion has a lot more to say on the topic, and he even had an invitation for her stalker to “f*ck around and find out.”

We previously reported that crazed fan invaded Ryback’s live stream and threatened his life. This was not the only time that Ryback had an encounter with this stalker.

Ryback logged onto Twitter after receiving an email from the platform’s standards team to let him know that his stalker has made no violation of their policy. Ryback then went off and called out Elon Musk and Twitter for allowing this kind of threatening behavior against him. He also revealed that the FBI has already been contacted.

This is why I went ahead and contacted the FBI. This is disgusting @elonmusk @lindayacc @TwitterSupport that you’re willingly allowing behavior like this to one be allowed and two not doing anything about. What kind of world are we living in where you willingly ignore this from someone who has a 12 year history of crazy behavior towards me? 7 years of wrongfully restricting and suppressing my account and now letting death threats slide along with making account after account to harass. Everyone please like and share this, it’s a very serious situation and this is unacceptable.


In case you need a refresher, this is not new issue. Ryback recently revealed that his is an issue he’s been dealing with for over a decade. He went on to explain on Twitter that this fan actually tried to break into a backstage situation during a WWE event in Tampa several years ago.

Yep. Considering it’s a guy who has made multiple death threats since 2011 and snuck backstage in Tampa to one of our tv’s and had to be taken away by security. He is back and has multiple accounts on Twitter and is legitimately mentally sick. He has all the warning signs of someone that shouldn’t be trusted, so let’s see what happens here. @elonmusk @TwitterSupport @lindayacc you have denied multiple reports on this guy already from me and this needs to be taken seriously.

We will have to see how this situation pans out in the next few weeks. Odds are, Ryback will not rest until he gets some sort of resolution to this situation. Hopefully, Ryback is able to stay healthy and avoid his stalker’s threats.

During a recent live stream, Ryback provided an update on his stalker situation. It seems that Twitter didn’t think that there was any issue with his tweets that threatened the Big Guy’s life.

Ryback contacted the FBI, because he wants this to be a public case. He has multiple accounts of this stalker, and there are a few that they know are him. They also have a few accounts that the think might be him. The FBI will now be able to track down Ryback’s stalker by getting a hold of Twitter.

Ryback said that his stalker needs to be monitored. It might take some time, but the FBI has assured Ryback that they will be able to track down his stalker. It just might take some time. In the end, everything is going to work in his favor.

We will have to see how this situation turns out with Ryback’s stalker. If anything, he’s free to say whatever he wants about the situation.

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