WWE Superstars have a lot of fans, and even former talent keep their die-hard supporters. Sadly, one of them seems to have taken a terrible turn for Ryback. The Big Guy previously revealed on Twitter, after receiving an email from the platform’s standards team to let him know that his stalker has made no violation of their policy, to vent a bit.

During a recent live stream, Ryback was trying to connect with fans and share some updates, but everything took a turn when Chase showed up again. This situation took a terrible turn, and got very ugly.

We previously reported that Ryback’s stalker targeted Dolph Ziggler. He also threw Curtis Axel under the bus in a big way.

Chase said to Ryback that Curtis Axel, who was in a tag team with Ryback back in the day, is with him in those threats. When Ryback confirmed that Axel was threatened, Chase confirmed that he’s going to take down all of Ryback’s allies.


This situation is a messy one, and it’s a very long one. Chase even tried to break into WWE live event in Tampa in 2011. Obviously, Chase the stalker is not going to slow down, sit down, or leave Ryback and his friends alone.

The FBI have allegedly told Ryback that they will be able to track Chase down, but Twitter needs to release the information connected to his accounts before they can do anything. Ryback has also challenged Chase to an MMA fight, but his stalker has not accepted that challenge.

We will closely monitor the situation involving Ryback and stay updated as it unfolds. It is our hope that Ryback’s stalker receives the necessary assistance to address any issues they may be facing, or that authorities intervene promptly to prevent any potential harm in this situation.

What’s your take on this situation with Ryback’s stalker? Sound off in the comments!

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