AEW and NJPW put on Forbidden Door on June 25th, and the event will go down in the record books for a few reasons. Only time will tell how the event will be reviewed when all critiques come in, but one fan really wanted to make his point during the media scrum, and they put their money where their mouth was.

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During the AEW & NJPW Forbidden Door media scrum, Tony Khan had a chance to field questions. During his rambling, one fan took things a bit further to get his message across.

One fan donated $10 so he could critique AEW. He included some bullet points for Tony Khan that would, in his mind, improve the company. Apparently, this fan is a big David Benoit fan, and not a big supporter of CM Punk.


Dear Tony Khan, if you want to improve AEW. 1) Better Story lines 2) sign David Benoit (late Chris Benoit’s son), 3) Bring AEW Hardcore Championship belt, 4) fire CM Punk (i used to be a fan)

Odds are, Tony Khan will never read that SuperChat, but he might now. After all, he’s much more likely to read Ringside News than a SuperChat on AEW’s YouTube page.

Only time will tell what happens in AEW, because they have a lot in the pipeline. It seems that, as AEW approaches even more historic events, fans will continue critiquing the product.

What’s your take on this situation? Sound AEW sign David Benoit? Sound off in the comments!

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