CM Punk has attorneys, and he knows how to use them. A controversial pro wrestling personality just revealed all about a legal letter that he received from the former AEW World Champion’s legal team.

We previously reported that CM Punk’s attorneys sent pro wrestling personality Billi Bhatti threatening legal letter over comments he made, and a t-shirt that he put out. CM Punk isn’t playing around, and he has demands.

We also detailed CM Punk’s demands for Billi Bhatti, which he detailed in that legal letter. There is a lot to unpack in this situation.

During the latest episode of the Dirty Sheets, Billi Bhatti explained why CM Punk is suing him. In case you need a refresher, this is all over a tweet with a meme and a t-shirt, and that meme and t-shirt alluded to the idea that CM Punk is a pedophile. Billi continued to reveal all as he detailed the list of demands that the Second City Savior had for him. We have included the portions of the letter that Billi read on-air in quotation marks, and his remarks can be found between his readings.


Let’s circle back around to the letter. The letter has requested that I do the following things.

“You must immediately and permanently remove all of the images and statements referenced above – including, but not limited to, all images of the hateful t-shirt described above – from all social media accounts, websites and other media that you directly or indirectly own or control, including, but not limited to, all websites and social media accounts of or associated with and The Dirty Sheets, as well as any other social media accounts, blogs, chat rooms, and other forms of media.”

Now, I did delete the tweets related to the t-shirt. I did this because I only want to be responsible for what I’m responsible for. I didn’t create that. Didn’t sell the t-shirt so this is not a case of me not standing my ground. This is a case of me saying, “go take your sh*t up with the people that did it.” I’m not taking the hit for other people for sure but I have not removed my original tweet because thats how I was able to read it.

“You must take all steps necessary to cause any persons and media who published, disseminated, republished, or reposted your false and defamatory statements and images concerning Mr. Brooks to delete and take down those false statements and images from all social media accounts, websites, and other media.”

Obviously, again, not doing that.

“You must immediately post prominent public retractions and apologies on all websites, social media accounts, and other media where any of your defamatory statements concerning Mr. Brooks were posted, published or republished to date.

Your retraction and apology must be unequivocal, and it must state without reservation or qualification that:

Your statements concerning Mr. Brooks were entirely false – including the absurd suggestion that he is a pedophile.”

Not in one place did I say that. Is that anywhere?

“You deeply regret having published each of the statements and images; and You apologize to Mr. Brooks for having made and published the statements in question.

You must confirm in writing your completion of each of the foregoing steps within twenty-four (24) hours.

If you fail to take all of the foregoing steps promptly and provide us with written confirmation that you have done so, our client is prepared to take whatever steps he deems necessary to protect his legal and equitable rights.

Our investigation is continuing. All of our client’s rights, claims, remedies, and positions are reserved. This letter is not intended, nor should it be construed, as a complete statement of all of the facts and/or issues that are or may be relevant to the matters addressed herein or any other matters.”

CM Punk has a lot of eyes on him, and posts with his name draw a lot of engagement. We’re not sure if Billi Bhatti regrets anything he did, but his actions after receiving this legal letter certain show that he is not going to let Punk squash him.

We will continue to keep a close eye on this story, right here at Ringside News. CM Punk is in the middle of his AEW return, and preparing for Forbidden Door but this might not be the last we’ve heard about this case.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s demands for Billi Bhatti? Sound off in the comments!

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