It was reported earlier today that a new deal between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery has not been finalized. While AEW is expected to be mentioned at the WBD UpFronts, an official announcement of a new deal is unlikely at this time.

According to an update from Fightful Select, it is believed that the announcement of a new deal will be kept confidential, with a potential reveal expected in the summer or fall. The exclusivity window between AEW and WBD extends into the summer, though the exact end date remains unclear.

There is also news about a pilot for a new AEW-related program with WBD, expected to be announced on social media this week. This new show is not a reality series.

Additionally, according to sources within WBD indicated a long-standing interest in adding AEW pay-per-views to the MAX streaming platform. Discussions about a potential deal have been ongoing, with proposals made as far back as last year. It was noted that almost every WBD deal now prioritizes MAX, which wasn’t as significant at the time of AEW’s last agreement with WBD.


If WBD loses the rights to the NBA, they plan to reinvest funds to maintain their cable position by looking at other properties to attract viewers. However, it is unclear how this might impact AEW.

Both AEW and WBD sources spoke highly of each other and the negotiation process, reflecting a positive working relationship.

How do you feel about the potential developments between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery, especially regarding the new AEW program and the possibility of AEW pay-per-views on the MAX streaming platform? What are your thoughts on the impact these changes could have on AEW’s future? Share your insights and predictions in the comment section below!

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