CM Punk is known to throw his weight around the courtroom when he needs to. It appears that Billi Bhatti is learning about that the hard way. The controversial pro wrestling personality has been known to stir up trouble, and this time he received a legal letter from the Second City Savior’s legal team over it.

We previously reported that CM Punk’s attorneys sent pro wrestling personality Billi Bhatti threatening legal letter over comments he made, and a t-shirt that he put out. CM Punk isn’t playing around, and he has demands.

During the latest episode of the Dirty Sheets, Billi Bhatti explained why CM Punk is suing him. This is all over a tweet with a meme and a t-shirt. Of course, that meme and t-shirt alludes to the idea that CM Punk is a pedophile.

Billi Bhatti also went on to read that legal letter from CM Punk and give an overview about what it said during his podcast.


We are going to brief through this letter. It’s a lot of calling me names. “To summarize all of the statements and images discussed above are false and defamatory of concerning of Mr. Brooks and expose you to very serious liability.”

How? What did he lose? What did he lose from this? Not that I did any of it, apart from the tweet, but did he lose?

Further, you publication dissemination of an authors and disciple image of the fabricated “t-shirt” discussed above violate numerous other rights of Mr. Brooks and give rise to an array of additional legal claims for damages and relief.

Simply put, your conduct is clearly unlawful as well as despicable and your behavior exposes you to substantial liability for compensatory and punitive damages, as well as other remedies. Moreover, if Mr. Brooks chooses to take legal action against you, your own history of bigotry and homophobic statements would provide indisputable and compelling evidence that your publication and dissemination of false, libelous and hateful statements and images concerning Mr. Brooks were malicious and knowingly dishonest.

CM Punk has not publicly commented on this letter yet, or the situation at all. We will have to see if Punk gets what he wants, but it also sounds like Billi Bhatti isn’t going to shy away from letting his fans

AEW is still booking CM Punk with a big spotlight on him. Only time will tell if that booking gets another World Title run for Punk, but Billi Bhatti has other things to consider right now. Apparently, Billi isn’t gearing up for an apology any time soon.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s latest legal letter? Sound off in the comments!

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