CM Punk returned to AEW television for Collision’s first episode. He kicked off the show with a promo that drew a lot of attention. It turns out that he was 100% going off the top of his head for that one.

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CM Punk’s comment about the Young Bucks wasn’t lost on anyone. They even made a quip about how they wished that they could whip out old merchandise like they used to.

PW Insider reported behind their paywall that CM Punk’s promo on AEW Collision was 100% off-the-cuff. Punk was given the opportunity to say whatever he wanted to.


For those who are asking, the CM Punk promo on AEW Collision this past Saturday was 100% off the cuff and not verbiage that was pre-written and approved.  We are told that Punk had certain lines in mind but this wasn’t a case of anything that was homogenized by management. 

Punk was given the freedom, as he always has been given before, to go out and speak to the crowd.  There was no indication that AEW management had any issues with what was stated and among several people we spoke to in the company, there was a sense of relief that Punk was back and that he got through his first match.  There were some who even theorized that, as crazy as this might seem reading it, that it wouldn’t be long before he would be asked to return to Dynamite.

CM Punk is just getting started on AEW Collision. He just raked up a big win with FTR by his side, and it’s likely that their reunion will continue.

This is not the last that we will hear from CM Punk in AEW. Odds are, he will continue getting the freedom with his promo work.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s promo on AEW Collision? Sound off in the comments!

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