WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is considered a legend in the pro wrestling business. Mick Foley worked in other companies and competed against several top stars in the industry. Now it appears that he once proved Vince McMahon wrong about a major match.

Throughout his legendary career, Mick Foley has been responsible for creating numerous iconic moments in WWE history. This includes his performance at the Hell In A Cell match, where he took a major bump that permanently damaged him. He was also part of numerous other dangerous moments in the company.

The Hardcore Legend truly made a name for himself by putting his body on the line for the entertainment of fans. This includes his match at ECW One Night Stand match in 2006.

Mick Foley teamed up with Edge and Lita to defeat Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, and Beulah McGillicutty during that event. While speaking on his Foley is Pod podcast, Mick Foley revealed that Vince McMahon told him that the match would be terrible, but would eventually admit he was wrong after the match was done.


“This is the takeaway (from the match I was in at ECW One Night Stand 2006). The next day, I go into Vince’s, I go, ‘Vince?’ He goes, ‘Yeah Mick?’ He goes, ‘Alright, I was wrong.’ I said, ‘And it was?’ ‘It was very good, it was very good’ and then I walked out of the office and I realized that in his world, this was just another cog in the wheel. I almost felt like Indiana Jones in — well he wasn’t there but when you see that the Lost Ark is just one in thousands of artifacts. It’s being filed away, probably never to be seen again and I don’t think Vince (McMahon) is giving this match a second thought.”

Mick Foley also made bizarre claim about himself recently. Regardless, Mick Foley will always be proud of the match and that is all that matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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