A major comeback, potentially on the horizon has been generating immense excitement since WrestleMania 40, Uncle Howdy. Following Bray Wyatt’s tragic passing, the potential resurgence of Uncle Howdy has fans on the edge of their seats following the mysterious activities prevalent in the company.

During last week’s edition of Monday Night RAW, a QR code flashed across screens, leading fans to uncover intriguing hints about Howdy’s possible return. A few hours ago, WWE’s Twitch account was unexpectedly taken over by Howdy himself, who unleashed a flood of clues and cryptic messages in a captivating video.

This hour-long video featured a bizarre encounter with the Fiend’s therapist, a figure notably missing from a photograph in the file. With numerous QR codes scattered throughout and enigmatic hints dropped, the Uncle Howdy saga has captivated audiences worldwide.

However, the interesting part that many fans missed out on leads to an old connection with the former WWE champion, Bray Wyatt himself. During the Twitch takeover by Uncle Howdy, the clips shown from the July 8, 2013 edition of RAW was in fact the same night that Bray’s Wyatt family made their debut on the main roster.


With evident hints and the plans to possibly take over the landscape with an ensemble force of underutilized WWE superstars, the revelation for this storyline could be sooner than later. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest updates from the WWE.

What are your thoughts on the interesting Bray Wyatt connection during the recent WWE Twitch Hack? Sound off in the comments!

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