WWE fans love collecting anything they can with the company logo on it. From t-shirts to alarm clocks, WWE has put their logo on anything under the sun. Although the trading card boom of the 1990s is way over, some new cards are still popping for incredible sales numbers.

WWE trading cards are still sold all over. Although a lot of those cards are common, there are a few treasured gems in the bunch, and that could score some huge money if the right fan pulls a card and knows what they have.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that a 2022 Prizm WWE trading card just went for ridiculous money. That card broke a record for highest-selling pro wrestling trading card of all time.

A 2022 Panini black Prizm WWE trading card of Cena sold for an all-time record of $17,100 on 5/25 in the PWCC Marketplace. It was the highest selling wrestling trading card of all-time breaking the record set last month of a Rock card going for $12,600


We’ve seen trading cards go for a lot of money, but John Cena just blew The Rock out of the water by a lot. Obviously, The Rock and John Cena are two of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time, and this recent sale only proved that more.

WWE fans have a lot of passion for the product, and some of them have a ton of disposable income to throw around as well. Now, we will have to wait and see if anything breaks this new sales number, because it could very well point to a run on WWE trading cards if this kind of purchase keep up.

What’s your take on John Cena’s trading card selling for that much? Sound off in the comments!

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