Darby Allin garnered a solid fan base due to his unique look and daredevil gimmick. Allin has worked hard to become one of the Four Pillars in the company. Known for always putting his body on the line no matter what, it appears that Allin finally cleared the air about his supposed inclusion in ‘Jackass Forever.’

Back in 2021, it was originally reported that Darby Allin was a part of Jackass 4. According to Slashfilm.com, AEW star Darby Allin was listed as a member of the Jackass 4 cast on IMDB.

Naturally, fans thought they were going to see Darby Allin in the film after Steve-O filmed Allin performing a stunt in a bodybag. Darby Allin himself would then shut down rumors of him being in the film.

The film released last year and Darby Allin was nowhere to be seen. While speaking to Sean Ross Sapp, Darby Allin clarified rumors of him being the film. Allin claimed that he wanted to do a stunt for free as he just wanted to have fun.


I was filming with Steve-O. Remember that skit where I was in a body bag and I went down this drop-in and right into flat. Yeah, so Steve-O was video taping that and he sent it to (Johnny) Knoxville and (Jeff) Tremaine, he was like, ‘Yo, we gotta get this guy in the new movie.’ By then all contracts had already settled and everything like that. I told them, ‘Yo, I’ll do it for free. I just want to have fun.’ So I guess that’s where it stemmed from. People probably think just hanging out with Steve-O, it’s automatically gonna be in Jackass type deal. But it was fun. Maybe it’s a good thing I wasn’t in the movie.

I had this idea, There’s this thing called the Mega Ramp, it’s at Bob Burnquist’s house. It has the biggest gap, like ramp. I pitched to Steve-O, ‘Put me in a body bag, duct tape me to a skateboard and send me down that.’ I was gonna do the jump for the movie. That was my stunt I had planned for Jackass 4. Maybe it’s a good thing that didn’t happen because who knows how that would have panned out.”

That said, Darby Allin plans on climbing Mount Everest next year. Only time will tell whether Darby Allin will get a shot at the next Jackass movie if it ever gets made in the first place.

What’s your view on what Darby Allin said? Do you think he would have been a good fit for Jackass? Sound off in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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