CM Punk remains one of the biggest and most controversial names in recent memory, whose mouth has gotten him into more trouble than any other wrestler for a long time now. There is also doubt that Punk will be part of AEW Collision after some recent drama and now it appears AEW was blasted for shooting themselves in the foot for not having Punk in Collision.

CM Punk has been absent since All Out last year and fans wondered when he would finally return. It was then reported that The Second City Saint will be returning to AEW programming as the main attraction for their new show AEW Collision, which will be a two-hour show.

During the announcement of AEW Collision, many expected CM Punk to be a huge part of it. However, Punk was absent for the entire duration. This was due to a disagreement regarding the return of Ace Steel and led to a lot of issues between AEW and CM Punk.

Now many believe that Punk might not even return at AEW Collision at all. While speaking to Inside the Ropes, Jim Cornette talked about the unfortunate situation surrounding AEW Collision’s debut. Cornette blasted AEW for shooting themselves in the foot for not having Punk in Collision.


“Well, for one thing, they couldn’t announce the date, not the date, but they couldn’t announce the place of the debut episode. They announced the following five weeks and from what I understand tickets have gone on sale and they are literally limping out the door. Because the press release was to feature CM Punk plus Samoa Joe and Thunder Rosa and all the other names that were mentioned, they took the big one out of there.

“I’m not downgrading Samoa Joe, Thunder Rosa, anybody else involved in that press release but they are names that have either been absent from Ring of Honor television, or AEW television or have been in Ring of Honor, which is not on television, or absent completely out injured whatever the case, nobody in that list has been featured as a star.

So people think well wait a minute, on Wednesday night, they’re gonna get, you know, plumber, Moxley and the BCC and they’re gonna get Jericho and his appreciators, and they’re gonna get Daniels, all these big stars, and over here we’re gonna get f***** Lee Moriarty or whatever. So again, they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

They had time if they didn’t want to put this deal together with Punk if they weren’t going to honour the deal that they did put together then why didn’t they just three months ago say f**** it, we’re gonna figure something else out. Instead, Tony puts a deal together again, is ready to announce it and it falls apart. Because Tony’s people can’t keep their deal, something keeps happening.”

That said, CM Punk’s AEW Collision deal is not dead yet. In fact, Punk and AEW are forging ahead with creative discussions. We will have to wait and see whether Punk will end up returning at AEW Collision in the end.

What’s your view on what Jim Cornette said? Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments below!

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