AEW Collision is coming for fans on June 17th, and the company has received a lot of attention for that new show. Sadly, AEW hasn’t received the best attention thanks to this new show on their lineup.

Brad Shepard noted on Allow Me To Apologize that some AEW talent have expressed discontent, because they will miss convention appearances where they made a ton of cash of autographs and photo-ops.

AEW stars will be less frequent on the comic-con scene thanks to AEW Collision. So, you’ve got the show on Saturday, in theory, you can’t do both. So you lose out on that comic-con money if they are booked on Collision. I was told that AEW talent are not happy about that. They’re losing money, why would they be happy about that? I find that very interesting.

As we previously reported, AEW actually re-hired Ace Steel a while ago. Of course, Ace Steel was the sticking point with CM Punk, because AEW was willing to re-hire Steel, but he wasn’t allowed in the building for their television taping events.


AEW also reportedly gave CM Punk and Ace Steel the impression that he would be a producer on Collision. The company changing this apparent agreement is also a sticking point. Punk pulling out of Collision, and just another show on Saturday nights, have also caused a terrible start for AEW Collision’s ticket sales.

We will have to see if AEW stars are able to make up the lost money from those convention appearances. It seems that they won’t make it up if they’re sharing any split of AEW Collision ticket sales.

What’s your take on this new issue for AEW talent? Sound off in the comments!

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