Joey Janela has made thousands of miles in the pro wrestling world, but he will have to find a new ride. His car was towed and impounded in Philly, and now he just wants some things out of the trunk.

The Bad Boy is no stranger to making towns and experiencing new cities all the time. Philly didn’t give him the warmest welcome, and it’s a situation he’s still dealing with to this day.

Joey Janela logged onto Twitter, and he let fans know about his latest situation. It turns out that his car was towed while he was in Philly, and the impound lot that his car now lives at is employed by a pretty nasty person who won’t even let him have his stuff back.

Joey Janela involved the police in the matter as well. That only got him another serious threat for physical harm if he does show up with the long arm of the law.


Me and my 2008 Toyota Yaris had a good run but Lew blum towing got it for good in Philadelphia! To get it out and get it fixed would cost more than getting a new car it self! Over 1000 now in storage fees, I said I’d just pass the title over to them if I could get a few things out of the trunk, this is how he replied “You ain’t getting sh*t out of this car kid, you come here and wanna try you’ll see what will happen to you” Lol

I called the cops and asked them if they could escort me to get my stuff, They said yes. So I called him back and told him I’d see him in a couple days with some cops to get my stuff and he said I’d be the worst mistake I ever make it my life and if I did that I better get out of Philly asap because it would end very badly for me…

We can only hope that Joey Janela is able to get his car back, or even the possessions. It sounds like that impound lot employee isn’t going to let Janela have his stuff back without a serious fight, or a big pay day.

Joey Janela really loves the indie lifestyle that pro wrestling provides him. Hopefully, he is able to have some fun with this frustrating situation. At least, he let his Twitter followers know about it, so they could give him a little engagement boost on his verified account.

What’s your take on this latest update from Joey Janela? Sound off in the comments!

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