LA Knight was called up to the WWE main roster, and Vince McMahon wanted to make him a male modeling agent. That didn’t work for very long, and his Max Dupri character was traded back for LA Knight. Now, we are looking at his future under Triple H’s booking. Things are looking brighter for LA Knight now.

WWE made an announcement on Saturday that LA Knight and Rick Boogs will join forces to take on The Street Profits on Friday Night SmackDown. That came as a bit of a surprise, because that segment was scrapped from this week’s show.

According to Boozer666’s Twitter account, the scheduled LA Knight and Rick Boogs segment on SmackDown was pushed back. Eventually, it aired on the SmackDown LowDown show, which is broadcast on Peacock every Saturday.

The decision to pair Knight and Rick Boogs together has generated frustration among many fans, as they believe LA Knight deserves a push as a singles star instead. Boozer tweeted that the team-up is temporary, and plans are in place to push Knight.


According to Boozer, “a push is in the books 100%,” and Knight is considered a top contender in the Money in the Bank ladder match. However, the final decision on the winner has not been confirmed yet. He also made it clear that LA Knight is still a top 3 favorite to win the Money in the Bank match.

I have always stated LAK is one of the top 3 contenders to win this years MITB. I AM NO JOURNALISTS, NOT AN INFORMER, NOT A REPORTER.

Boozer666 also emphasized the importance of patience. He went on to assure fans that Knight is “in good hands” and urged them to have faith in the process. It seems that Triple H does have a plan.

We will have to see what’s next for LA Knight in WWE, but the jury is certainly not out on him just yet. Obviously, we have a long way to go.

What’s your take on LA Knight’s booking on the WWE main roster? Do you think 2023 is going to be his year? Sound off in the comments!

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