The highly anticipated return of AEW to Chicago on June 21 has sparked widespread speculation about the potential comeback of CM Punk. Reports suggest that the first episode of AEW Collision, which has yet to be officially announced, may also take place in the Windy City.

During an interview on Maggie and Perloff, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about the rumors surrounding CM Punk’s potential return in Chicago. While Khan refrained from providing a direct comment, he expressed his excitement about running significant events and acknowledged Chicago as one of the best cities for AEW.

“I can’t comment on that, but I do think it’s very exciting is running a lot of big events. Chicago has been one of the best cities for AEW for a long time and I’m very excited to be back there. It’s a home city to me, personally, growing up in Illinois and spending most of my life there until my dad got involved in the NFL. It’ll be great to be back in Chicago for AEW,” he said.


When asked about the lessons he learned as an executive from the incident, Khan chose not to delve into specific details. However, he highlighted AEW’s continuous growth and expressed respect for the professional wrestlers involved in the altercation. Khan emphasized the company’s success and development as a wrestling organization, noting that a significant announcement is scheduled for May 17.

“I can’t really comment. I haven’t talked about that particular situation since it happened, specifically. In the time since, AEW has continued to hit new heights and grow and I have a lot of respect for all the people you just said as professional wrestlers and we have a great company going right now. With a big announcement coming next week, we’ve been able to sustain and continue to develop as a wrestling company.”

With the upcoming AEW and TNT announcement, fans eagerly await further updates on potential returns and exciting developments within the company. While CM Punk’s return to AEW remains unconfirmed, the buzz surrounding Chicago’s wrestling scene is palpable, and fans can anticipate an electrifying event in the near future.

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