The pro wrestling world includes people from every plausible background, all joining over their love of the ring. Sadly, that can create a situation where things are said that can draw out a lot of pain and controversy. Rick Steiner knows all about that.

Gisele Shaw’s Wrestlecon experience was hampered in big way when Rick Steiner decided to hurl transphobic insults at her. The misgendering and hateful slurs did not stay tucked inside Gisele Shaw’s mind for long before she let everyone know about it on Twitter. A storm of controversy followed for Rick Steiner, and now more are coming forward to back up Shaw’s claim.

During a recent Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash opened up about the situation. He made it very clear that there is no transphobic around his household, because that’s just not in his own character.

“I wanted to get this out because a lot of people just they have these –they just don’t have, they don’t think. And there’s somebody that is close to us that I knew for over probably 30 years as a male. And they have went in and had the full monty. They prefer to be called she, and I asked, because it’s just really hard for me to fathom that to make that decision, especially that late in life. And so I knew that it had to be something traumatic. I said to her, you don’t have to say anything, you don’t owe me an explanation. I don’t expect one. I said, I just want to know how the thought process brought you to this place so late in life. And he had lost his wife to cancer. But there was always talk that he wore women’s lingerie and women’s underwear and stuff like that underneath his clothes, but he always was like a truck driver and had like a blue collar job.”


“We’re a pretty non-judgment f**king crew at my crib. And he told me that when he was young, like five, five to 10, those years, that he was raped and sodomized and molested repetitively by three males that were either an uncle, a brother, cousin, whatever it was, and that when his wife passed, he just didn’t want to ever see another penis, including on himself. And he went through the transformation. And you think about how f*cking sad that is and it’s like, before you f*cking judge, you’ve got to take that f*cking — And I’m as I’m as guilty as everybody. I’m as guilty as everybody. I jump to my fucking bullsh*t. because I’m always f*cking right conclusions. And there’s a lot of sh*t that goes on in this world that’s f*cked up. And at 50 years old, if that move f*cking takes an ounce that pain away then f*ck yes. And if he walks by somebody, they don’t have a right to say sh*t to him.”

Kevin Nash mentioned the incident with Rick Steiner and Gisele Shaw. Nash then said that he doesn’t know everything about what happened, but Steiner told him that “the person kept coming by, coming by, coming by, and they stood in front of their table.”

The podcast’s co-host Sean Oliver responded, “I’ll say it, he (Steiner) was wrong.” To that, Kevin Nash had to agree, and he went on to drag the Steiner Brother a bit for acting like it was 1993 and not 2023.

“I feel bad. He (Steiner) was wrong, there’s no doubt about it. That just saddens me. It saddens me that some people are just on a different wavelength. He didn’t realize until it was done that it wasn’t f*cking 1993 anymore. It doesn’t make him a f*cking idiot. A lot of people got sucked in — Q-anon and all these other things. There’s some brilliant people that f*cking bought into that f*cking sh*t. Everybody knows my stance…I don’t have a problem with anybody’s sexual preferences…”

Rick Steiner was confronted at an airport over those transphobic comments, but he didn’t comment on them. He also declined to provide any explanation for himself when questioned by another news outlet.

Chris Jericho also sent out message to say that he believes Gisele Shaw’s story. He also said that Rick Steiner has always been a bully. Obviously, we will have to wait and see if Rick Steiner has anything to say for himself.

What’s your take on this situation with Rick Steiner? Will he ever work in pro wrestling again? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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