Rick Steiner had some choice words for Gisele Shaw at Wrestlecon, and that caused a huge stir. Those transphobic slurs and blatant misgendered triggered a lot of people, especially on Transgender International Day of Visibility. It seems that Chris Jericho had something to say about it too.

Wrestlecon banned Rick Steiner from any future events. They also released a public apology on the matter after controversy erupted.

“WrestleCon regrets the events that took place at yesterday’s convention and apologizes to Gisele Shaw. We aim to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all LGBTQAI+ members of the wrestling community. The issue has been addressed and we hope the remainder of the convention can be a positive experience for all.”

Rick Steiner received even more animosity from Chris Jericho. The Wizard logged into Instagram and sent out a comment where he said that Rick Steiner has always been a bully. He also made it very clear that he has Gisele Shaw’s back.


Hey! Don’t even worry about this. #RickSteiner has always been a bully and has gotten away with so much because he is a “Steiner.” Makes me laugh cause I fell for the same sht when he bullied me, Eddie, Chris, Oscar, Juvie, etc at World War 3 1997!! I got your back Gisele Shaw …and if Rick has issues with this, I’d love to discuss with him anytime. It’s 2023 dude…grow the fck up!

Rick Steiner certainly burned a big bridge with a lot of fans with his statements at Wrestlecon. He also probably affected his paychecks in the future. Scott Steiner attended Wrestlecon alone today, because Rick Steiner wasn’t allowed in.

Interestingly enough, Rick Steiner’s son, Bron Breakker went on to lose the NXT title the following day. That title loss is very highly unlikely to be connected to his father’s controversy in any way at all.

What’s your take on Rick Steiner’s situation? Are you still a fan after this? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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