AEW has a lot of merchandise, but every item can’t be a bestseller. That being said, t-shirts for AEW apparently don’t have to make everyone happy, either. A new Britt Baker t-shirt is really upsetting some people.

Saraya had t-shirts made with Britt Baker’s bruised face on them. That black eye is on full display on a new piece of merchandise, but a lot of people are saying that look glamorizing domestic violence.

We previously reported that Britt Baker did her best to clap back against this narrative. Saraya also joined forces to bury the idea that AEW is cashing in on domestic violence, but that didn’t stop fans from getting very upset about things.

“I’m sorry Britt but I don’t think anyone would feel comfortable wearing that,” one fan commented. Another just tweeted out to call Baker, “literally the biggest moron on earth.”


Another fan did his own little focus group on the situation, and it did not turn out too well at all for AEW’s new merchandise. This fan asked his wife, who had no bias in the situation at all.

Ok, neutral fan here i swear. Showed this to my wife who is a non-wrestling fan, didn’t know her or the backstory. I asked what would think if you saw this worn in public ? Her response. “I would think the domestic violence phone number would be on the back”

Your welcome for the free market research by the way lol.

Another fan outright said that, “there’s nothing about this shirt that can be defended. There’s the domestic abuse argument, which is reasonable. Then, there’s the lack of context. There’s also the fact that it looks like a generic iron on shirt, which makes the price unreasonable.”

Other fans called for AEW to remove the new merchandise completely. “Need to think about this shirt for a sec, then take it down,” one fan wrote. “Should be pulled from the store… Definitely triggering people in public who have zero context,” another stated.

As of this writing, the controversial t-shirt is still on sale, but we have no idea how well it is doing. We will keep our eyes on the weekly AEW merch sales numbers whenever they drop them.

Pro wrestling fans once joked that AEW was a t-shirt company that held pro wrestling shows. Although their pro wrestling has exceeded their merchandise business, it’s hard to argue that their merchandise isn’t taking center stage right now.

What’s your take on this t-shirt for Britt Baker? Does AEW need to remove it from their online shop? Sound off in the comments!

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