AEW has a lot of merchandise, and they try to keep things topical. That is why sometimes merchandise showing off injuries hits the shelves online. Apparently, a couple of those pieces of AEW merch rubbed someone the wrong way.

One fan tweeted out to say, “can’t believe AEW is trying to make money. On a t-shirt that supports domestic violence. This shirt in eyes of the public is going cause more harm then good. Alot of people that don’t even know what AEW stands for. An some dude wearing it in a bar proudly, SMH. Alot of black eyes.” That was a bold take on a Saturday afternoon, and Saraya saw that tweet.

The former Paige tweeted out to shut this fan down. While putting kayfabe beef with Britt Baker aside, Saraya said that she can vouch for the fact that domestic violence is not being glorified by AEW’s merchandise.

Dude as much as I think @RealBrittBaker is an asshole.. Wrestling isn’t for you. LMAO


Britt Baker also chimed into this conversation. While mocking this fan’s hot take, she also took an additional jab at him by bringing up how she’s making that sweet merch money at the same time.

Supports domestic violence how?I got a black eye in a RING? My enemies put a pic on a shirt to troll me and I outsmarted them.

Does that mean all the (top selling) bloody T-shirts are supporting murder? If a male wrestler had a shirt with a black eye would you be this pissed?

AEW has a lot of merchandise, and it might not be for everyone. It might also be read the wrong way for anyone outside the pro wrestling bubble. Maybe that’s why it might be a good idea to be aware where you’re wearing your bloody Britt Baker t-shirt, because it might send the wrong message depending on the setting.

What’s your take on this AEW merchandise? Do you think it’s over the line? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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