Cody Rhodes walked into WrestleMania 39 with full intention to finish his story. In the end, Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Title, and Cody Rhodes was laid out with a rubber chicken next to him in the ring. MJF was watching at home, and he had his own take on things.

MJF recently sat down for a little interview with Sean Sapp of Fightful. During their time together, he touched on how much it means to represent Jewish people on television, and he also spoke on his disdain for Britt Baker.

MJF was also asked about Cody Rhodes losing to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. This was a tough subject for MJF to branch into, as he kept his character intact, but he still spoke his piece on the matter. He also made sure to take a little dig at Cody Rhodes’ current physique along the way, while keeping things complementary.

Oof, that is a loaded question. So, me and Cody Rhodes, we have an interesting past. He’s been my friend, he’s been my mortal enemy all wrapped in a cute, little bow. I think he came across like a top guy.


I think he’s transformed his body like I have in the past year, but let’s be honest I’m bigger than him, and I’m in better shape than he is, but he looked like a top guy. He was presented as a top guy, he had a top guy outing. He had a top guy match, he just didn’t win and unfortunately, some nights you don’t win, but Cody Rhodes I think is the epitome of putting the work in. Everything that he’s accomplished is literally only because of him, and he’s far too humble to admit that. He’ll say it has something to do with somebody else, he got it done himself, and he should be proud of that.

Was I happy to see him lose at Mania? I don’t know if I would have been happy if he won or lost. All I know is that he had an incredible outing, and it was probably the best match of the entire night.

Cody Rhodes is onto his next challenge with Brock Lesnar at Backlash on May 6th. Those two seemed pretty heated during RAW this week, so they could bring some fire to that match in Puerto Rico.

Cody Rhodes’ loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 was a big surprise for fans. It also hit Las Vegas pretty hard, because the American Nightmare was the betting favorite. Cody’s story will continue as Roman Reigns remains the Tribal Chief. Only time will tell if MJF ever joins his old friend on a much bigger stage someday.

What’s your take on MJF coming to WWE? Would WWE mention his history with Cody Rhodes at all? Sound off in the comments!

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