MJF is not shy about sharing his opinions, and he did so in infamous fashion recently. Britt Baker has a lot of fans, especially in Pittsburgh, but MJF doesn’t seem keen to root for her no matter what city they’re in.

MJF is always good on the microphone, and he doesn’t hold back during interviews either. When he was given the chance to speak his piece on Britt Baker, the profanities seemed to flow out of the Salt of the Earth.

While speaking to Fightful, MJF was asked about his little online beef with Britt Baker. The AEW World Champion then proceeded to bury AEW’s resident dentist a little bit, because she is not a pillar of the company and no match for him.

She’s definitely upset because she thinks she’s a pillar, because PG Punk said so, but the fact of the matter is she’s f*cking not. Even if she was, what’s she gonna do? Wrestle me for the AEW World Title? I’m three times her size, I would beat the f*cking sh*t out of her. But, I do respect the fact that she is a dentist. Hygiene is important. It is very important.


MJF then went on to insult fans watching his interview by detailing what a dentist does for a living. Apparently, MJF doesn’t think too highly of Fightful’s viewer base.

Odds are Tony Khan won’t be booking Britt Baker vs MJF any time soon. So, those two will have to keep their beef on social media. Either way, fans will be entertained by what goes down.

MJF will carry on as AEW World Champion, and Britt Baker will continue her quest to prove her value to AEW fans all over, and to MJF as well. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more information.

What’s your take on MJF vs Britt Baker? Who would win in that match? Sound off in the comments!

Transcription by Ringside News

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