Few pro wrestlers have been able to connect with fans like MJF has. The Salt of the Earth abuses his fans on a constant basis, with cutting insults, and even slapping them in the crotch, but those fans keep coming back for more.

MJF had heat on him in the past over giving children the middle finger at meet & greets. He also tossed tequila on a young fan during the AEW Revolution main event. Tony Khan wasn’t happy about that, either. It seems that MJF is not going to slow down either, no matter how much trouble he causes.

One fan commented on Ringside News’ Facebook to speak out about his own experiences with MJF. He complained that MJF refused to sign his item with the pen he brought, a paint pen, and MJF used his own “sh*tty Sharpie” instead. The fan then declared that MJF needs to take better care of his fans’ things.

I met him yesterday and got a figure signed, he threw my paint pin across the room, used his own sh*tty sharpie. That’s when it pisses me off, when it comes to getting things that we have signed and they were paying him money for. He can talk to us however he wants but when it comes to our actual property, he needs to take better care of that stuff.


This fan’s comment was jumped on by others, who reacted with an LOL reply on Facebook. Obviously, this fan’s plea for MJF to take better care of fans’ belongings fell on deaf ears.

MJF fans have to know what to expect at this point. He is a heel inside and outside the ring. His track record of salty meet & greet appearances are also pretty well known at this point. So, it really shouldn’t be news to anyone that MJF won’t treat you the best, no matter how much you pay him.

What’s your take on MJF’s treatment of the fans. Why do fans love the abuse? Sound off in the comments!

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