Vince McMahon’s return to WWE is now a full-fledged comeback at this point. He hacked up the script for WWE RAW this week, changing things on a whim, even while the show was live. Many fans fear a repeat is coming for SmackDown, but we haven’t even heard word that Mr. McMahon is going to be there yet.

It was previously noted that Triple H was given “busy work” during WWE RAW this week while Vince McMahon took over. It was said that this is the way it is going to be, and things were bad this week.

It’s what it was, it will be what it was before. If people think it’s gonna be bad, then it’s gonna be bad. But, that’s just what way that it is. The TV show was changed when Vince got there, and it was changing as the show was going on, and that was tonight, and that will be what it is going forward.

Ringside News was told by a tenured member of the creative team that a popular thought internally is that, “Vince really got his hands deep into the Monday show, and that was Monday.” SmackDown is expected to be a different story this week.


We were told that Vince McMahon is not meeting with writers. Also, “he doesn’t go the writers and undercut Triple H.” Obviously, this is a new situation that everyone is adjusting to.

In the end, it was explained to us that, “this is different from those circumstances,” on WWE RAW. Then a caveat was given that this is the case, “at least for now.”

WWE is still Vince McMahon’s company to run, even after the UFC merger. Only time will tell how he treats SmackDown this week, but Mr. McMahon still has the power to get his hands as dirty as he wishes.

What’s your take on Vince McMahon’s return to power in WWE? Are you happy that it seems like SmackDown will be Triple H’s show? Sound off in the comments!

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