WWE held their RAW after WrestleMania this week, and a lot of things went down during the show. That day was also a notable one for WWE, as Endeavor made the announcement that they bought the company. It turned out that Vince McMahon is back, and he’s doing things just like he used to.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up this week’s episode of RAW. He said that Vince McMahon is back, and things are just as they were before. That means the show saw a lot of changes, even after they went live.

It’s what it was, it will be what it was before. If people think it’s gonna be bad, then it’s gonna be bad. But, that’s just what way that it is. The TV show was changed when Vince got there, and it was changing as the show was going on, and that was tonight, and that will be what it is going forward.


Ari Emamual will continue to run UFC, and Vince will now “have the final say on everything.” It was also noted that Triple H will do the “busy work, while Vince McMahon has the final say in everything.”

This week’s episode of WWE RAW seemed like an episode from years ago. There is a reason for that, because creative is changing on the fly once again at Vince McMahon’s whim.

Vince McMahon said that he doesn’t want to get “in the weeds,” because he doesn’t have time for that. We’re not certain what kind of “busy work” Triple H is doing, but it is apparent that Vince McMahon doesn’t consider making constant changes to a live show as “in the weeds.”

What’s your take on WWE RAW this week? Did it feel like an older version of the show? Sound off in the comments!

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