Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, also known as Real1, has defended Vince McMahon against online criticism, following the negative shift in morale during the broadcast of the RAW after WrestleMania 39, which was heavily influenced by McMahon.

According to reports, McMahon made last-minute changes to the show, causing discontent among WWE employees. However, Real1 took to social media to praise McMahon’s legacy, despite the criticism.

In a tweet, Real1 described McMahon as “the greatest mind the business has ever known,” and called out those who criticized him, stating that “none of the people burying him online are billionaires.”

He went on to highlight the significance of the recent merger between WWE and Endeavor, which he believes is great for sports and entertainment, and noted that McMahon turned a $1 million investment into over $9 billion.


The greatest mind the business has ever known. Getting buried on Twitter. None of the people burying him online are billionaires.

It’s a brilliant merger, great for sports & entertainment in general.

Real1’s defense of McMahon comes at a time when the WWE is undergoing significant changes following its sale to Endeavor. Many fans and employees have expressed concern over the future direction of the company, particularly with regards to the creative direction of its programming.

What do you think of Real1’s defense of Vince McMahon and his legacy? Do you agree with his perspective on McMahon’s impact on the wrestling industry? Leave a comment.

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