Goldberg has always been a big name in the pro wrestling industry. According to reports, The WWE Hall of Famer is currently a free agent as his contract expired at the end of 2022. WWE didn’t wish to renew Goldberg’s contract, thereby making his match against Roman Reigns at the Elimination Chamber his final match at the promotion as of now.

Following this news, several promotions have shown interest in signing Goldberg. AEW CEO Tony Khan has stated that Goldberg’s departure from the WWE is “something to follow”. However, with the Hall of Famer’s last match being a loss for him, the WWE owes him a retirement match.

Jim Cornette said on his recent edition of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru that he believes Goldberg deserves a retirement match. Cornette stated that WWE could build a good storyline for Goldberg and should take notice that it doesn’t harm the reputation of his opponent after the wrestler loses to Goldberg.

“He’s a big star and if you did it right with the right opponent, and they had the promos, then it would mean something. We can’t say until we have a specific opponent. He’s probably not gonna want to lose his retirement match unless it’s a lot of money. You don’t want to necessarily do it with somebody that you would harm by beating them and they’re still there while Goldberg is gone,” Cornette said.


“It is something like a perennial guy who can afford to lose but cuts a good promo that you feed to Goldberg but make the story mean something hopefully.”

Goldberg had a successful career in the WWE, with him winning the World Heavyweight Championship once during the first run of his career. The WWE Hall of Famer left WWE in 2004 after WrestleMania 20 and the reasons for his departure were him being unhappy with the company and the fact that he hated the edgy content the company was interested in at the time.

Goldberg recently also stated that would wrestle again at some point in future, meaning that he doesn’t want to hang up his boots after a loss. Former WWE Superstar Ryback also showed interest in being Goldberg’s opponent for his retirement match. In the midst of the situation, Fans can still expect Goldberg to be a part of the WWE as a free agent and have his last match in WWE.

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Rahul Amare

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