Since wrestling his last match against Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber earlier this year, Goldberg’s in-ring status has been up in the air. Nobody knows when or if the Hall of Famer will return to the ring. It’s quite possible that Goldberg may have wrestled his final match in WWE. But if that isn’t the case, there is one former WWE superstar waiting to be his final opponent.

Early in his WWE career, Ryback started getting over with the fans for having a similar look as Goldberg. Just like the Hall of Famer, Ryback would destroy his opponents in a couple of minutes and leave. Fans quickly noticed the similarity between these two men and would chant “Goldberg” during Ryback’s matches.

Unlike Goldberg, Ryback’s in-ring ability kept him from being a main-event player, and he was released from the company in 2016. Ironically enough, the former Intercontinental Champion has gone on record to say that he wants to be Goldberg’s final opponent during an episode of The Ryback Show.

“Nothing was ever like a dig. I like Bill. We met. I wanna be his last match. I think that the story is built in. Or a [regular] match if he’s not ready to have his last match. I like Bill, I’ve never had any hate or animosity or anything. I was never trying to be Bill.”


Given the fact that Ryback will probably never compete in WWE ring again, a match between these two men seem highly unlikely. However, it would’ve been interesting to see these two men face each other.

Ryback made his RAW debut in 2010 under the name Skip Sheffield as part of Nexus. He wrestled as part of Nexus until an ankle injury kept him away from the ring. Skip Sheffield returned to the ring in 2012 under the name Ryback. Of course, Bill Goldberg started out in professional football and soon became Goldberg in WCW. The rest is history, but only time will tell what the future holds.

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