Taya Valkyrie made her official debut on this week’s AEW Dynamite. The 39-year-old wrestling veteran was married to John Hennigan in 2018. John Hennigan was best known as John Morrison during his WWE stint, and he will often switch up his last name for every company he works with. His wife recently admitted that she gets confused by the constant name changing.

Throughout his illustrious career, the former Intercontinental Champion is famous for his ever-changing last name depending on the promotion that he’s working for. He performed as Johnny Impact in Impact Wrestling, Johnny Elite under AEW, and currently uses his real name in MLW.

However, his wife Taya Valkyrie had an interesting take on this topic. Recently the former Impact Knockout Champion spoke to WrestleZone, admitting to getting confused by Johnny’s various name changes.

“I don’t know, maybe? “I’d have to kinda look back and really think about it because the name changes perpetually non-stop.” When it comes to addressing him, though, she plays it safe, saying “He’s just John, Johnny to me. That’s all that matters. Johnny Husband.”

When they are at work, Taya Valkyrie always refers to him as John or Johnny instead of by his full wrestling name, regardless of what it might be that day. After all, she doesn’t want to get the last name wrong for the company he’s working with at the time.

“I also can’t keep track just like all of you,” she added with a smile.

Taya Valkyrie has, however, suggested another name for him in the past, Johnny Valkyrie. While it hasn’t manifested yet, she’s hoping it becomes a reality at some time down the line and Johnny could use it.

“I pitched it! I told him ‘I just think that you should just be Johnny Valkyrie.’ It makes sense … I will continue to push for that.”

While Johnny is currently signed to MLW, Taya Valkyrie is on her way to making a name for herself in Tony Khan’s promotion, AEW. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for both of them down the line.

Are you excited to see Taya Valkyrie in AEW? Will she become a top star in the company? Sound off in the comments!

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