All Elite Wrestling is the new destination for aspiring wrestlers to make a name for themselves on a huge stage. While the company does not have a Performance Center yet, it has been successful in luring many aspiring professional wrestlers to join the ranks of All Elite. Most recently, current AEW star, Bandido‘s real-life brother decide to make his way to Tony Khan’s promotion.

Bandido is an emerging star in the AEW roster and now has family alongside him. The brother of former ROH Champion, Gravity, debuted against Kip Sabian during the most recent AEW DARK event.

Gravity’s wrestling career isn’t well-documented online. Although some sources suggest that he started in 2020, others such as ProFightDB, state that his first recorded match took place in January 2022.

Despite this, it has been established that Bandido is indeed the elder brother of the newest AEW star Gravity. Although the aspiring star was unsuccessful in his first match, he may have impressed the right people backstage.


Gravity may have had an impressive debut on DARK. However, it’s not yet clear whether he has already been signed by AEW, just given an opportunity to prove himself, or if the match may have served as his official tryout for the promotion.

On the other hand, his brother Bandido has not been seen on AEW programming since January 18th. With his bloodline joining the promotion, the fans could possibly see Bandido and Gravity become the newest tag team in the AEW landscape and begin their climb to the top as a cohesive unit.

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