WWE has a lot of things in motion, both on television and outside the ring. This includes Vince McMahon’s controversy and everything that has made headlines revolving around his name over the past several months. There is also the possibility that the company could have inserted a little homage to those tribulations into a television angle.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the current storyline going on in WWE with Chelsea Green. She is playing a Karen character who is falsely accusing Adam Pearce of something in the television storyline. Meltzer then came to a sudden realization that WWE might have inserted an Easter egg about Vince McMahon into the situation.

Pearce was thinking … I didn’t even think of that … Vince McMahon … no, the idea that some woman is falsely accusing him, it’s about him being falsely accused.


Vince McMahon’s return to WWE was not to take over the company’s creative direction once again. He only returned to facilitate a sale, but only time will tell what happens next.

WWE has put little things into their stories in the past that called back to actual events in real life. It might be a stretch to think that WWE inserted an angle about falsely accusing an authority figure of doing terrible things, but it’s also hard to put anything past WWE creative at this point in time.

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