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With the Elimination Chamber a couple of days away, tonight promises to be a big night. Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley will have a contract signing for their match and Seth Rollins will make an appearance on Miz TV. The updated match card is as follows:

  • Miz TV segment
  • Rick Boogs vs. The Miz
  • Mustafa Ali vs. Bronson Reed
  • Asuka, Carmella & Nikki Cross vs. Raquel Rodriguez, Liv Morgan, & Natalya
  • Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley contract signing

WWE RAW Opener:

The opening package for the show airs.

Becky Lynch is in the ring with Adam Pierce. She starts by saying that she brought Adam Pierce. The crowd boo him. Becky says she realized her path to WrestleMania is no longer clear because she was busy with Damage CTRL and lost sight of the Women’s Championship.

She asks Adam Pierce to allow her to fight her way into the Elimination Chamber match. Bayley’s theme song plays and she comes out. Bayley says Becky is an idiot if she thinks she is getting into the Elimination Chamber after what she did last week.

Bayley asks Adam to scrap what happened last week and put her into the Elimination Chamber match. She then says nobody wants to see Becky and Bianca at WrestleMania. Becky says they stole the show last year but Bayley was nowhere to be found.

They both bicker and Bianca Belair’s music plays and she comes out. She says she hears a lot of talk about the RAW Women’s Championship but no one thought to come to talk to her. She says he wants to face the best of the best. She says they should go through her to get a chance at the Elimination Chamber.

Adam announces a Triple Threat Match and if Becky or Bayley wins they will get added to the Elimination Chamber match but if Bianca wins, both of them won’t get a match.

Byron interviews Judgment Day. Damian asks whether those five other men are prepared to be in the Chamber with him. Dominik says he knows Damian is going to win at Elimination Chamber. Finn says that tonight they face the Street Profits tonight who are going to get smoked up.

The Street Profits vs. The Judgment Day

The Street Profits theme song plays and they come out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The Judgment Day’s music plays and they make their way to the ring.

The match starts with Priest and Ford. Priest attacks Ford in the corner. He knocks him down with the shoulder tackle before tagging in Finn who stomps Ford.

Ford with an enzuigiri and he tags our as Dawkins hits the dropkick on Balor and sends Priest outside the ring.

*Commercial break*

Priest goes for a back suplex from the top rope but Ford reverses into a crossbody. Both men tag out and Dawkins attacks Balor with a flying back elbow followed by the silencer, Ford tags in and hit a double-team move on Balor. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

They hit the blockbuster. Cover! 1..2…kick out. Priest sent outside and Ford dives onto him. Dawkins brings Dominik into the ring and throws him across. Balor hits the sling blade and follows it with a dropkick. He then hits the coup de grace for the win.

Winner: The Judgment Day

After the match, The Judgment Day attacks Ford. Edge and Beth Phoenix come out and brawl with The Judgment Day. Beth Phoenix attacks Dominik. Rhea Ripley shows up and hits riptide on Beth Phoenix. Edge enters the ring to check on his wife.

*Commercial break*

Brock Lesnar’s theme song plays and he comes out to the ring. He throws his chair out of the ring. Adam Pierce says they are her to make the match official. While Lesnar signed it last week, he needs Lashley to sign it. Lesnar stops Pierce and says he needs Lashley to sign it now.

Bobby Lashley’s music hit and additional security comes out. They also bring out a separate table and chair for himself. Lashley then comes out. Lashley says that this not the Brock Lesnar show.

He says Pierce rolled out the carpet for Brock’s contract signing. He says that he has gotten the better of Lesnar everytime they faced. He then says he is doing this on his terms.

He says his agents and manager look at the contract and he says he doesn’t know if he is going to. Lesnar says Lashley is scared. Lesnar then threatens to beat his ass and make him sign it.

Lashley says Lesnar won’t do it and Lesnar takes the contract and destroys the security officials and charges for Lashley who backdrops him and hits the spear. Lashley then tales the contract and signs it before leaving.

*Commercial break*

Mia Yim vs. Piper Niven

Piper Niven’s theme song plays and she makes her way to the ring. Mia Yim’s music hit and she comes out to the ring.

The match begins and Niven attacks Mia Yim in the corner. Yim goes for a body slam but falls down. She fights back with a DDT. Michin attacks Niven in the corner. Michin is planted by Piper who hits the Senton.

She attacks Michin. She goes for a suplex but Michin escapes and kicks her. Piper Niven hits the Loch Ness slam for the win.

Winner: Piper Niven

Baron Corbin is interviewed who says that it’s been a depressing week. He is interrupted as Sami Zayn is in the ring.

Zayn says he is not here to hold up the show but there is something he needs to say to someone. He calls out Cody Rhodes to the ring.

Cody Rhodes’ theme song plays and he comes out to the ring.

Cody welcomes Sami to RAW and asks what he wants to talk about. Sami says that his last week promo has been replaying in his mind when he said that it looks more and more like it is going to be Cody vs. Sami at WrestleMania.

He then says he came all this way to hear him say if he actually believes Sami can beat Roman Reigns. Cody says that he meant it when he said he could beat Roman Reigns and be his opponent at WrestleMania.

He says that he respectfully doesn’t think this is about that. He says what matters is what Sami believes and asks if he believes he can beat Reigns. Sami says he doesn’t know if he can beat Roman Reigns because he has stood shoulder to shoulder with him and they always find a way and he is actually as good as he says he is.

He says he has seen guys bigger than him fail to beat Roman. He says that he is capable of beating Roman Reigns and becoming the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. He says he has to believe but he doesn’t know if he will walk out of WWE Elimination Chamber as Universal Champion.

Cody says the fans know and his hometown knows. He says he hasn’t watched Roman from the sidelines but there are issues in the Bloodline because of Zayn. He says that the idea Roman could be dethroned is because of Sami.

Cody says that Roman is a man and Sami should crack him open at Elimination Chamber. He says he intends to finish his story at WrestleMania and Sami needs to finish his.

He then says he doesn’t want to see him on RAW because he would rather see him at WrestleMania.

Carmella is backstage with Nikki who says she has been playing hide and seek with her friend. Asuka appears from behind with her mask. Carmella storms off. Candace asks Nikki why she is following her. She laughs and walks off.

*Commercial break*

Baron Corbin is interviewed again. He says he is better off without JBL. He calls JBL an has been and it’s time to remind people who he is. He says he was interrupted earlier for Sami Zayn. He says that Roman will destroy Zayn at Elimination Chamber.

He then says that he is the last person to beat Roman Reigns. He says he would’ve won the Royal Rumble match if it weren’t for Brock. He says Roman will beat Cody at WrestleMania. He says he doesn’t get what everyone sees in Cody. He calls Cody and his family a joke. Cody who was backstage attacks Corbin and they brawl to the ring.

Cody sends him into the ring.

Cody Rhodes vs. Baron Corbin

Cody sends Corbin outside and hits the suicide dive. He sends Corbin into the announcer’s area. Corbin fights back. Cody sends him into the post. Corbin drags Cody onto the announcer’s desk.

Cody sends Corbin into the steps. He hits the uppercut and then the Cody cutter. He then hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Natalya is backstage with her teammates. She says she can’t believe Bayley and Beck are trying to fight their win into the match. They start bickering and Raquel says they need to focus tonight.

Asuka, Carmella & Nikki Cross vs. Natalya, Liv Morgan, and Raquel Rodriguez

Liv Morgan’s music hit and she walks to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Raquel Rodriguez’s theme song plays and she comes to the ring. Natalya’s music plays next and she walks to the ring.

Carmella’s music plays next and she walks to the ring. Nikki Cross’ theme hit and she comes running to the ring. Asuka’s music hit and she walks to the ring.

The match begins with Raquel and Nikki. Raquel throws her to the ground and hits the fallaway slam. Carmella tags in and asks Raquel to tag in Natalya.

Natalya tags in and locks in the sharpshooter. Cross breaks it down and a brawl breaks out.

*Commercial break*

Carmella goes to work on Natalya. Natalya powers out with a body slam. They both tag out and Liv attacks Nikki Cross. Liv attacks Nikki in the corner and hits the dropkick. Asuka tags in and attacks Liv. Cover! 1…2….Natalya makes the save.

Asuka with a kick to Raquel’s head. She then kicks Nikki and Carmella and hits the German suplex. Asuka locks in a submission hold on Liv who taps out.

Winner: Asuka, Carmella, & Nikki Cross

Alpha Academy is backstage and Gable says he rewrote some of the Academy’s curriculum. He throws Otis’ mustard on Mansoor. Maxxine asks if Otis has done modeling. Gable says he considers himself a role model. Maxxine says she was talking to Otis.

Bronson Reed is shown approaching the ring.

*Commercial break*

Bronson Reed vs. Mustafa Ali

Bronson Reed’s music plays and he walks out to the ring. Mustafa Ali’s music hit and he walks to the ring.

The match starts and Reeds shoves him across the ring. He then knocks him down. Ali fights back with a couple of dropkicks but he gets sent outside. He hits the shoulder tackle on Ali.

Reed sends Ali into the ring. Ali dives on Reed but is caught and tossed into the announcer’s area. He drags Ali to the ring. Ali hits the tornado DDT. Cover! 1…kick out.

Reed with a vicious clothesline and follows it with the Tsunami for the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Beth and Edge are interviewed. Edge says he is tired of this and he is sick of them. He then says they pulled one over on them. Beth says she will remind them why they are called the grit couple.

The Miz’s music hit and he walks to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The Miz welcomes the audience to Miz TV. He questions why he isn’t in the Elimination Chamber. He then introduces Seth Rollins and asks where his head is.

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he walks to the ring.

Miz says he only has ten minutes and asks about his red shoes. Seth says it’s called style. Miz says his focus has been split between Logan and the US Title.

Seth says WWE universe doesn’t want to talk about Logan Paul, they came out here to sing. Miz insults the crowd and says he doesn’t care what the crowd wants. He says Logan called Seth a clown and now he has the boots to match it.

Seth says if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Miz says Seth’s mom must be disappointed because Logan eliminated him. Miz asks why he won’t talk about him here when he spoke about him all week.

Seth says he doesn’t want to talk about him because of WrestleMania. He says that all he dreams about is headlining WrestleMania and it matters to him because he loves this. He then says that Logan Paul doesn’t love this because he is selfish. He says he doesn’t deserve to have his name said in this ring.

Seth says Logan needs to have his teeth kicked in. Miz says Seth is jealous. Seth calls Miz stupid. Miz says he is not stupid. Seth asks the crowd if The Miz is stupid and they chant, “Yes!”

Miz says he headlined WrestleMania which Seth hasn’t done. As Miz rants, Rollins attacks him. Theory interrupts and drags Rollins outside. Rollins takes him out. Miz then attacks Rollins and goes for skull-crushing finale but he escapes and superkicks him. Rollins then hits The Stomp but Theory appears from behind and hits A-Town Down.

Rick Boogs is working out backstage and Elias interrupts him. He says there are comparisons between them and he doesn’t want that to stress him. He wishes him luck and says they can collaborate if he impresses him. Boogs says he is going to shred the Miz tonight.

*Commercial break*

Rick Boogs vs. The Miz

Rick Boogs’ music hit and he walks to the ring.

Miz asks if Boogs has any brian cells. He says they aren’t having this match. He then accidentally says this match is happening and the bell rings.

Boogs slams Miz. He then picks up The Miz and performs bicep curls before throwing him down. Boogs then slams The Miz for the win.

Winner: Rick Boogs

Chelsea Green is backstage and she says she is a star and she has sent some emails to Adam’s manager. She says she wants to be in the Elimination Chamber. She asks to be put in the Triple Threat match. Pierce rejects the idea. Chelsea says she won’t leave until she gets what she wants.

*Commercial break*

The Judgment Day are interviewed backstage. Balor says they always have the upper hand and he says he is going to beat Edge and Beth at Elimination Chamber again. Dominik says the game has passed them by. Damian says he will win at Elimination Chamber and Rhea will win at WrestleMania.

Rhea says Charlotte is a level below her when she takes the title from her. She says she and Finn will beat Edge and Beth at Elimination Chamber.

Bianca Belair is shown making her way to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Bianca Belair vs. Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair’s music hit and she walks to the ring. Bayley’s theme song plays next and she comes out. Becky Lynch’s music hit and she makes her way to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Bianca throws Becky onto Bayley. Becky goes for a cross body but Bianca rolls thorugh and picks her up. Bayley sends her into the turnbuckle. Lynch is sent outside. Bayley with a clothesline to Bianca. Cover! 1..2..kick out.

Bayley sends Becky into the barricade. Bayley attacks Belair in the corner. Belair fights back but Bayley hits the back suplex. Bayley with a knee bar on Belair. Lynch with a leg drop from the top rope.

Lynch and Bayley trade strikes. Lynch hits the double DDT on both opponents. Cover! 1..2…kick out.

*Commercial break*

Belair sent into the turnbuckle. Lynch climbs the top rope but is stopped by Belair. Bayley joins them power bombs them off the top rope. She covers both of them but they kick out.

She places Belair on top of Lynch and hits the elbow drop but Belair escapes. Cover! 1..2…Belair makes the save. Belair attacks Lynch in the corner. She hits the suplex on Bayley and goes for the moonsault but Bayley gets jer knees up. Cover! 1..2…Lynch makes the save.

Lynch hits the diamond dust and hits Man Handle slam. Cover! 1…2..IYO drags her out and sends her into the post. Belair goes for KOD but Dakota Kai saves her. IYO kicks Belair and Bayley rolls her up but can’t get the win.

The other women in the Elimination Chamber match come out and attack Damage CTRL. Belair with a spine buster. Cover! 1..2..kick out. SKY climbs the top rope but Belair catches her and throws her on all the women on the outside.

Bayley attacks Belair from behind. Lynch attacks both women. Lynch with the Man handle slam. Belair then hits KOD for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

This ends our live coverage of WWE RAW.

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