WWE Universe has been known to Walk With Elias for a long time. The Drifter has been regarded as one of the captivating WWE superstars of the modern era with his trusted guitar, music performance, and in-ring ability, with a belief that Elias is bound to be a top star in the future. However, Elias does not have any clue if he will be friends or enemies with fellow RAW star Rick Boogs.

Rick Boogs became extremely popular during his alliance with Shinsuke Nakamura in 2021 playing guitar during his entrance. His run with The King of Strong Style looked promising until he suffered an injury at WrestleMania 38, missing nine months of action.

Rick Boogs made his return on the January 30th, 2023, episode of Raw, being announced as the newest member of the roster. He defeated The Miz in an unscheduled bout, emerging victorious on his first night back.

Ever since he made his return, Rick Boogs has not been with his trusted guitar and another guitarist in Elias answered an interesting question regarding Boogs. Elias stated on WWE Die Woche that he likes Boogs and finds him entertaining but is unsure if they would be allies or adversaries.


“Rick Boogs cracks me up, man. That guy is just such a wild character. I gotta say, personality-wise and energy-wise, we’re on two opposite parts of the spectrum here. He is a high-energy, metal guy. I’m very much just wanting to sit there and strum my guitar and relax a little bit. I do have a feeling we’re gonna cross paths. We’re both on Monday Night Raw.”

“So I don’t know if that means we’re gonna be tag team partners. We’re gonna be enemies. I’d rather not be, I’d rather keep things cool, but we’ll just have to see how it goes. See if he’s open to kind of learning from somebody that has been there before as a musical WWE Superstar and see where we go. But yeah, he entertains me. He’s a very entertaining guy, a high-energy guy.”

When questioned about his future tag team aspirations, Elias reiterated the possibility of working with Boogs. This could see two of the most music-oriented WWE superstars forming a dream team.

“I was actually teaming up with Matt Riddle for a little while. Then he got taken out by The Bloodline and those dreams kind of really shattered. Now, I see Rick Boogs is back on Monday Night Raw, he’s going to be doing his thing. We had a short interaction the other week after his big comeback. So I don’t know if the potential is there. I think — I’d love tag team wrestling. The real dream is to do it with Ezekiel but if not, who’s next? Maybe Boogs or something like that could be a great tag team.” 

While Rick Boogs is yet to find his direction and his guitar on RAW, Elias was at the losing end of things on the flagship show. The Drifter suffered a defeat at the hands of Montez Ford recently, losing an opportunity to qualify for the upcoming Elimination Chamber match for the WWE United States championship. Check back at Ringside News as we follow up on this story.

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