The wrestling industry is not only popular for the in-ring action produced by highly talented in-ring performers, but for the couples formed during their time on the road together. This has led to many superstars falling in love and getting married to spend the rest of their lives together. Most recently, GCW’s star Effy let the world know that he is taking the first step towards marriage.

Effy is highly popular in GCW is a proud member of the LBGTQ community and is openly gay. He has been in a relationship with his partner Benny Harris and is head over heels in love with him so the couple has decided to take the next step.

The popular GCW star made his engagement to Benny Harris public this morning by posting on Twitter. Fans were informed about the engagement by the lead promoter for “Effy’s Big Gay Brunch” events, who also included some of his trademark absurd humor.

“Good morning. I proposed in my Lucid FC spring matching set and he said yes. I forgot to take pictures otherwise.” He would soon follow up with a picture of an engagement ring though, noting “Ok, proof.”


Since August 2019, Effy and his fiancé have been active on social media as a couple, sharing pictures of themselves together and revealing how their relationship has developed over time. When he decided to ask Benny to marry him, the former GCW Tag Team Champion added another amusing tidbit.

“I knew he was the one when I kissed Jon Moxley and he said, ‘Lemme guess, the straight boys wanted to work through something with you again? They always do.'”

Effy further stated the couple would appear on his weekly “Monday Not Raw” Twitch live. The live stream features indie wrestling fights at the same time as “WWE Raw,” which will there way to celebrate.

Effy’s most recent bout was a tag team contest against The Carnies, which he won with his BUSSY teammate Allie Katch (Kenny Awful & Nick Iggy). As part of a series of events organized by GCW’s “The Collective,” the “Big Gay Brunch” event will return this April in Los Angeles over WrestleMania weekend.

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