There was a time that Elias would continuously remind the fans watching all over the world that WWE stood for Walk With Elias. The Drifter has mended his ways today, however, back then, he was a narcissist who wanted to make the fans stick to the tune of his guitar. Moreover, it looks like he still has a beef with the superstar who upstaged him at one of his biggest performances at WrestleMania, John Cena.

John Cena had transitioned to Hollywood by the time Elias had become a mainstay on WWE television programming. However, that did not stop the Cenation Leader from making a mark at the expense of the former WWE 24/7 champion.

Elias was set to deliver his biggest performance on the stage of WrestleMania 35 in MetLife stadium. However, he was interrupted by a video package that later turned out to be John Cena.

However, unlike his usual Super-Cena self, John journeyed back to the past and donned his Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick. This was the first time we saw this side of Cena in seven years as he walked towards the ring with Elias shocked to see him.

John Cena laid his amazing rap diss on The Drifter and laid him out with the F-U (not Attitude Adjustment), much to the ovation of the fans. Speaking to WWE Deutschland, Elias expressed his desire to seek retribution on Cena by facing him in a one-on-one showdown someday.

“There is a match that I’ve wanted for years and years and years. If I look at the span of my career, the one guy that messed with me the most has got to be John Cena. And of course, maybe the biggest moment of my career at WrestleMania, I’m performing in front of seventy thousand fans, millions watching around the world, and John Cena comes out. Ruins it, raps about me, and gives me the Attitude Adjustment, you better believe one day I’m gonna get that back.”

John Cena and Elias have encountered each other on other occasions too, apart from their last encounter at WrestleMania 35. It is safe to say that this feud has a lot of history and could prove to be a blockbuster match between The Drifter and The Champ inside the squared circle.

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