The bone-chilling promo by MJF on this week’s AEW Dynamite where he referenced WWE Superstar Liv Morgan in a dark story from his past has caused a lot of controversy. According to MJF, he took out a girl who he referred to as “Liv” for a wild ride that ended in a car crash. In order to shift the blame for the car crash, he placed “Liv” on the driver seat before police arrived.

The Salt Of The Earth is notorious for never breaking kayfabe, casting doubts into fans over what is real and what is not. It was later reported that the promo was 20% fake.

The 434 page on Facebook added fuel to the fire when they made a post saying that the Nassau Police Department was flooded by calls from over 300 people. After some inspection, it appears it was just a false rumor.

The post by the Facebook page blew up, pushing MJF further into the headlines. ESPN Reporter Marc Raimondi set out to find how much truth there was to the claim by the Facebook page.

Raimondi took to Twitter to address the rumor. After a call to the Nassau County Police Department, Raimondi found out that the claim appears to be false.

Not to break kayfabe, but I contacted the Nassau County (N.Y.) PD and reports that hundreds of people have called about the MJF promo from AEW don’t seem to be true. The public information officer didn’t know what I was talking about and said such calls would go to his office.

You can check out the Raimondi’s tweet below. For more updates stay tuned to Ringside News.

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