Legends retiring is one of the saddest aspects of professional wrestling. Of course, their contributions and efforts towards the business help progress into a better future, but the sight of them not seeing them wrestling anymore is a hard pill to digest. The same situation prevails with Goldberg right now as his longtime partner, The Great Muta is about to leave his career.

The Great Muta has been credited as one of the greatest wrestling stars in the world. His fame crossed all borders that Muta became the first one of the first wrestlers from Japan to gain an international fan base.

On the other hand, WCW Legend Goldberg looked up to The Great Muta because he was such a big figure in the industry. The former WWE Universal Champion collaborated with Muta for an occasion in the Japanese promotion, WRESTLE-1 that took place almost two decades ago.

Goldberg went on to state that he was disappointed to see an illustrious career coming to an end. Moreover, Goldberg also expressed his sadness, as he and Muta had a close friendship outside the ring.

The Great Muta will compete in his final match on February 221st1th, 2023. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion was interviewed by Pro Wrestling NOAH to get his opinion on the Japanese veteran’s farewell match.

“I wish you nothing but the best, my friend. The times we had together were very special to me, and I greatly appreciate your help in the business. I’m a fan. I am a peer. And ultimately, I am saddened about your retirement because all good things must come to an end.”

The Great Muta is set to exit the industry on his own terms, leaving behind a great legacy. His amazing work and contributions have paved the way for many Japanese and other young talents to dream big and make a name for themselves in the wrestling business.

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