Goldberg is legend in the professional wrestling industry, especially after earning a name for himself during WCW. His intimidating on-screen persona typically invites challenges from anyone in the wrestling industry. That being said, his attitude toward the business has changed a bit over the years.

Goldberg thrived in the spotlight for his whole career and commands a lot of attention. On a recent episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross talked about Goldberg’s tenure in the WWE, including his refusal to accept a part-time contract and whether he harbored any animosity toward the industry.

When Jim Ross was asked if it was apparent Goldberg was bitter towards the business. He asserted that, “Yeah, it was apparent.” He also clarified that it was not “all about money.”

 “Yeah, it was apparent. I think he didn’t enjoy his stay there by and large. We just fall back on the old argument ‘Yeah, but he made a lot of money.’ The older I get the less I’m believing in that axiom. It’s not all about the money. I mean, I said many times when people say it’s not about the money it’s all about the money. We were close to making his dreams come true, so to speak, on the money. But, we got to have you around enough to get you over so we can maximize our investment in you and you can make more money.”


In another section of the interview, Jim Ross discussed Goldberg talking to Vince McMahon at Curt Hennig’s wake.

“I think a reconnection is a good term. Somebody’s got to stay back to the house and answer the phone, I guess.”

“I think a reconnection is a good term.. I didn’t attend that wake and not for any personal reason. Somebody’s got to stay back to the house and answer the phone, I guess. I like Curt, he was funny as hell. He just, he never grew up. What a talent. I had fun broadcasting with him he was very good. He learned a lot from Heenan. Because, he grew up watching Heenan in the AWA… A wake is much like a wedding and as much as that you kind of lower your guard and you get up behind the curtain step out and share what you feel.. I don’t remember all the imaginations of the conversation, but I do remember conversations were held. It showed Goldberg just how badly Vince wanted him on the team.”

Goldberg lost to Roman Reigns in his most recent match at Elimination Chamber 2022 in February. He may or may not wrestle in additional matches for WWE. Meanwhile, you can check out the podcast below. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more.

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