Vince McMahon, the Executive Chairman and majority shareholder of WWE, has been involved in a scandal in the past year regarding allegations of payoffs to silence accusations. This situation has been closely followed by the professional wrestling community and has led to speculation about the future of the company. Despite the scandal, McMahon was able to maintain his position and has been actively guiding the direction of the company. Now it seems Mick Foley shared his thoughts on Vince McMahon’s return recently.

Vince McMahon’s return to the board of directors was seen as a negative thing due to the way McMahon took control of the company. He was determined to regain his position as leader of WWE, and ultimately succeeded when he was appointed as Executive Chairman after Stephanie McMahon resigned, while Nick Khan became the company’s only CEO.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Vince McMahon came back to the WWE offices in Stamford last week. He also brought back Brad Blum as his Chief of Staff, just a month and a half after WWE let him go.

Now that Vince McMahon assumed full control of WWE, many believe that McMahon will take over the Creative aspect of the company once again. Many also believe Vince McMahon will return to WWE television very soon.


While speaking on his Foley Is Podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about Vince McMahon’s return to WWE. He stated that McMahon doesn’t really have any other hobbies apart from WWE. Foley also added that it is in McMahon’s nature to shake things up.

“It’s the second-shortest retirement in WWE history [laughs], following only mine, which lasted for six weeks. Hey, look, I know JR had told me years ago that he was worried for Vince in retirement because it’s safe to say that JR is a workaholic. There is a negative connotation because you apply so much of yourself to working. But even JR, he’s got the Oklahoma football, he has stuff that he loves in his life. I don’t think Vince, Vince loves his family unconditionally, but I’m talking about hobbies. There no golfing, none of the things that you usually associate with men of his age. No scrap-booking for Vince. No birdwatching. Business was very, very personal, like his life revolved and his family revolved, around the business. So that was one of my concerns. What is he doing to do? He loves working. I don’t imagine him not being there in that Gorilla Position. It would seem like something was amiss if he wasn’t there.

The company has been in a really good direction. There’s a reason why Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett changed up the book every six months. Whether it was needed or not, it was a pair of fresh ears and eyes on the product, and they all put their own stamps on it. I think Hunter has had a chance to do that, and it’s a really fun show, with a lot of improvements made. I don’t know. I wouldn’t to be there because this is family, and now it’s become competition. I don’t know. It sounds like it has the possibility of getting ugly. I do feel for Vince, and I care very much about Vince as a person. I’ve had my ups and downs with him over the years, but that’s been largely business. Always respected him, always genuinely liked him, and I want to make sure that this guy who meant so much to my life is happy. Let’s see what happens. I was given the iggy a few months ago that something might be happening, and now it’s happening. It’s going to be interesting, for sure. But Vince coming around, you’re talking about a guy who literally stole last year’s Mania with the Stunner for the ages. Sorry Steve [laugh].

I don’t know. He’s Vince. It’s in his nature to shake things up, right? It may not have been the most efficient way to write a show and perform a show where a gentleman takes a sharpie through six days of hard work. But I believe that’s how Vince feels he works best, under pressure. That’s his way of doing things. I think he loves the idea of shaking things up so he can thrive. I don’t know if that means he would shake things up after the Rumble, before Mania, or wait untitled afterwards, but it’s going to be interesting for sure.”

The internal countdown is also on for Vince McMahon’s return to WWE Creative. McMahon will also not require any approval from WWE’s shareholders to take any actions from now on. We’ll have to see when McMahon will return to WWE television.

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