Vince McMahon made waves in July 2022 when he was embroiled in hush-money scandal. The professional wrestling community was shocked that someone of McMahon’s stature could be implicated in such an incident. However, in a shocking turn of events, he returned to WWE in January 2023 and wasted no time in regaining control of the company, first by joining the Board of Directors and then by assuming the position of Executive Chairman. In fact, many in WWE believe McMahon returning to WWE Creative is just a matter of time now.

Fans believed that Vince McMahon already returned to WWE, judging by this week’s episode of RAW. You can check out some of those comments here.

Vince McMahon’s return to the Board of Directors was severely criticized by fans and others, as McMahon ruthlessly got what he desired, without thinking about anyone else. He was appointed as the Executive Chairman of WWE after Stephanie McMahon handed in her resignation, leaving Nick Khan as the sole CEO.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Vince McMahon made his return to the WWE offices in Stamford last week. He also brought back Brad Blum as his Chief of Staff, just a month and a half after WWE let him go.


Now that Vince McMahon has more or less assumed full control of WWE, many are under the belief that McMahon will take over the Creative aspect of the company once again.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez stated that he has been informed that the “countdown is on” regarding Vince McMahon taking full Creative control of WWE once again.

“He’s still not in charge at this moment, that is the news. But he’s bringing his team back, that’s an odd thing to do for a guy that’s just shown up to sell this place.”

The countdown’s on everybody. I mean, I talked to people today and that was the feeling, the countdown is on. When, where, what, I mean we’ve got a Raw 30th anniversary and there’s gonna be a lot of people showing up there so I do not rule that out.”

There is also the feeling in WWE that Vince McMahon could make his television return at any time. McMahon will also not require any approval from WWE’s shareholders to take any actions from now on. By the looks of it, it is just a matter of time before McMahon takes over Creative control of the company.

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