The Undertaker is one of the most respected and longest-tenured WWE legends of all time. The Deadman took the final bow from the squared circle and moved toward outside ventures. A former WWE superstar recently quipped that they would have been “beaten to death” if they had confessed their love of action figures to The Undertaker during their WWE run.

Brian Myers joined WWE in 2006, joining forces with his long-time tag team teammate Matt Cardona. Later, they were promoted to the main roster and famously formed part of La Familia alongside Edge and Vickie Guerrero as they fought The Undertaker.

Myers discussed his bond with Cardona and his stint with WWE during an interview on The Sessions with Renee Paquette. Myers mentioned during the chat that his love of wrestling action figures helped bring him and Cardona together, especially since they weren’t as popular at the time. Despite this, Myers claimed that the pair began hiding their hobby after joining WWE.

It really was wrestling figures that broke the ice between us to make us these great friends. Back then, 2003, you’re not gonna go to wrestling school and tell these guys you collect wrestling figures. It was like… beyond something you wouldn’t do.


We eventually get signed and we’re in the WWE locker room with Undertaker and Bob Holly. You think we’re gonna tell them we collect wrestling figures? We’d be beaten to death (laughs). That really was the thing that broke the ice and cemented our friendship for years and years.

The Undertaker made his debut in WWE at Survivor Series in 1990 as a surprise member of Ted DiBiase team. The Last Outlaw was known for his exceptional in-ring acumen, captivating persona, and ability to evolve his character over a period of time. His loyalty to WWE and long tenure with the company have been regarded by fans and critics alike.

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