All Elite Wrestling has signed ton of talent ever since its beginning, including several former WWE wrestlers. Fans and veteran wrestlers have also criticized AEW for their booking over the past year, and many have demanded a number of talents to return to WWE. However, according to recent reports, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland both declined the offer.

Dave Meltzer recently addressed this during Wrestling Observer Radio, where he discussed AEW performers that would be interested in making a comeback to WWE and mentioned both Strickland and Keith Lee.

“There’s guys there, Keith Lee and (Swerve) Strickland obviously, they had chances to go back and they didn’t. And they didn’t even entertain it. But a lot of the guys wanted to leave.

The guys who sign there, if they’re guys who really want to be (in WWE), and just got fired and everything but can’t wait to get hired back – I don’t know that those guys have been that beneficial.”


The former AEW World Tag Team Champions are currently engaged in a contentious feud after their reign and friendship ended. The two continue to be shown on television, expanding their exposure to viewers, even though they may be at each other’s throats as a result of their dispute.

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